This book is not a travel guide. This book is not a suggested itinerary. We are a husband and wife team of professional photographers, and this book is a record of our adventures in Sri Lanka. We were born on opposite sides of the world ( Lee in the USA, and Christina in Greece ) met each other through photography, and have been travelling the world together ever since. We explored as much as we could throughout the beautiful country of Sri Lanka during the summer of 2015. Our journey was filled with the beautiful scenery of the land, and the charming personalities of its people. This book is in no way intended to be a comprehensive overview of the country or a suggestion of where to go and what to do. On the contrary; there are tourist manuals far better suited to this purpose. However, we do hope to share a glimpse of our adventure through our eyes as photographers and our hearts as travelers. We have endeavored to present this historic country as it seemed to us, with such contrast to our modern world, in as respectful a manner as possible. To this end, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the utmost quality of this book, the honesty of our stories, and the integrity of our photography. Furthermore, while the manufacture of this book is far too expensive to be for profit, there is inherently a markup in the sale of any book. It also does not seem right for us to prioritize ourselves, being mere observers of this wonderful country. For this reason, we have arranged for 50 percent of any profits from the sale of this book to be distributed to the charitable foundations of Sri Lanka. To anyone who finds themselves reading our book, we are eternally thankful and wish you all the best.