Journey through Sri Lanka is a cohesive series of 200 images that explores one of the world’s most stunning examples of both cultural and natural diversity. To this day, no project Lee and Christina ever attempted has produced such a profound and resonating effect on their worldview. In every corner, one witnesses a stark contrast ranging through the vestigial remains of an ancient and pioneering civilization, to the scars left through the various occupying empires of the last millennia, all the way up through the current atmosphere of industry and tourism as this once lonely island integrates itself into the fabric of a global society. Stunningly beautiful vistas are provided by the natural landscape, from pristine tropical beaches upon a tumultuous ocean to foggy tea plantations high in mountains studded with endless waterfalls. From there, a vast desert expanse leads all the way up to the wildly growing and ubiquitously overpopulated city centers. Such exotic indigenous wildlife as elephants, monkeys, leopards and buffalo have no choice but to intermingle with the ever encroaching humanity upon their yet undeveloped lands. While it’s people must endure the lasting hardships of an all too recent bloody civil war and the general poverty engulfing them, one can’t help but be charmed by their simple happiness and colorful zest for life. So much so, that no matter how incredible an experience it has been - Lee and Christina know that they have but scratched the surface of this incredible place…their Journey through Sri Lanka has only just begun.