Husband and wife photography team Lee and Christina travel the world in pursuit of fine art and photojournalism. Combining their unique blend of innate artistry and technical prowess, they utilize both Leica medium format digital and Linhof large format film systems to achieve their vision. Choosing to leave behind their success in commercial photography for the tourism industry, they now dedicate their talent and their lives to something far more meaningful: both the preservation of a powerful moment within the ever-changing nature of time, and with all hope…to provide the resulting perspective as a catalyst to affect change.



 My photographic inspiration, to be candid, began from nobody in particular. I was too young to recognize the identity of a specific artist; I only felt the power the visual arts had over me. As time passed and my obsession truly began, I appreciated the pioneering masters such as Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson and studied their method. However, and no doubt as a result of a lifetime reading National Geographic, I can attribute my strongest aesthetic influence to the modern greats such as Steve McCurry or Nick Brandt.
From my perspective, it is not enough to simply photograph a place that is visually striking; to tell a story, a photograph must incorporate the deep threads of our world’s history for it to realize a greater purpose. This purpose should be for wholesome benefit of the viewer – to please the eye and stimulate the mind. This leads me on a quest to seek out the most interesting places and peoples of the world, not only to capture them, but attempt to understand their meaning as well. This is a journey without end, and my life is all the better for it.

As any good autobiography begins; from the beginning. I was born and raised within the small town of Arkadelphia, Arkansas in the USA where I maintain a strong bond with my wonderful family, friends, and the farmland I grew up on. I am lucky to be blissfully married to a beautiful woman from Greece, who is a brilliant photographer in her own right. In this way she constantly challenges and supports me as she provides her companionship, and in our travels between our respective homelands her family too has become as my own.
The first ambition of my youth was photography. Over the years, my course has passed from law to the performing arts, computer science, and finance – serendipitously picking up some incredibly useful skills along the way. Even pursuing my private pilot’s license has the bias of photographic purpose. My road has always led me back to photography, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have this as my professional focus in life.




I was born in the busy city of Greece, where I was raised up and stayed until the age of 18. At that time, I moved to America with nothing but a luggage and a Nikon D3100. I met my husband, Lee while I was still living in Greece, and he was traveling for photography, and preparing his work for Sargent’s Fine Art Gallery, in Hawaii. 

When I met him, my plan was to become a psychologist in Austria, my second hometown. I’ve always had a genuine interest in documenting people’s stories, and finding solutions for their problems. However; almost nothing in life, goes as planned. Through Lee, I realized we share the same passion. My true love and passion was not found inside the walls of a University, but outside the wide open world, that its studies were unlimited and untaught in books. 



I went to a public high school in Greece during the greek crisis which was very interesting experiencing this growing up. It strongly impacted the way I appreciate simple things and helped me relate with the less fortunate. 

At the age of 15, I finished my German teaching diploma “ Kleines Sprachdiplom “ which I needed to enter the austrian University to study psychology. 


I started to follow my dream by first of all being mentored by Lee on our first photography trip in Milos island. We were sitting in the ship learning about Manual shooting. Quickly I was taught how to shoot a panorama, how to stitch, how to keep my converging lines straight - but all in all, practice was the best method of learning. So we practiced all the way from Greece to Romania, and through USA to Canada, exploring the world of Asia in between. 


I purchased my very first serious gear in 2014, a Nikon D800, which accompanied us in one of our most important photojournalistic trips - Sri Lanka. 

Now I shoot Leica S Typ 007 Medium format digital, because I do believe in investing in good equipment when the end product will be printed and presented in galleries across the world - hopefully, that is. 

Everything I trust on, and all my gear depends on, is my Really Right Stuff TVC-45 tripod. 

I still use my D800 for behind the scenes captures. 

For photojournalism, I have two portable Profoto B1 strobes with me. I rarely use them though, since I prefer the natural lighton people. 

My F-Stop Shinn bag fits all the above safely and comfortably. 



To be completely honest, my husband was the very first inspiration for me. I grew up reading National Geographic, but it didn’t create this desire for me to travel for photography. After I became a photographer though, I started studying artists like Nick Brandt, Steve McCurry, or Jimmy Nelson; these are my today’s inspiration, and their work is constantly motivating me to go beyond my limits in photojournalism, which can be difficult and dangerous depending. 


Our work has been published by major gear companies like, Really Right Stuff, and F-stop. 


After our trip to Sri Lanka, we were interviewed by news reporter Zulfick Farzan. 


I believe any photographer’s goal is to become the best they can without losing their authenticity or uniqueness. It is extremely easy to change your work based on society’s preference. 

I am also positive about trying to make a difference in the world we live in, through art. I strongly think photography is the most powerful weapon we can use to make the people aware of the damage we do to our earth. Nick Brandt has proven this. I hope to do so as well. 

This is why I am a photographer. Photojournalism is where my heart and soul is. 


For five years now we have been traveling around the world together for Fine Art photography and photojournalism, and in between visiting both of our families, in Greece and USA. Our current home base is in Arkansas, where we settle down for some months to edit all our work, plan trips, enjoy the simple life, before we travel again. 




We created @christina.leebrowning to share special moments, stories, and behind the scenes photographs. Feel free to follow us on Instagram